During be apart from 2019 Shanghai book to spread out act to pour timing a week, the book exhibits an organizing committee to held a press conference the 2nd times yesterday, advocate bureau of foreign language of publication group of delegacy of guest province Sichuan, China, China (China International publishs a group) , Shanghai century publication group, static install area, Shanghai to recommend key activity and new book limited company of Xinhua medium chain to the masses. Shanghai book exhibited elaborate scheme to prepare 1273 to read an activity this year, include advocate sweet Yue of book of · of sweet full city reads activity of field of assembly room, branch and book season series activity, this one word still can continue possibly to increase. Innovate again besides mobile amount tall, the book is exhibited this year it is good in assemble to will continue book fluctuation kongfu, advance the confluence below the line on the line, space of will more assembly room leaves a reader to experience new technology, new service. Present two kinds to choose perspective   to regard as the book is exhibited this year advocate guest province, sichuan delegacy is handpick in more than kinds of 5000 when publish nearly two years new book 2468 kinds of books are revealed be on sale, the new book that publishs this year among them 865 kinds, selected theme is published, project of national publication fund, ancient books is arranged publish aid financially project and win of all kinds award outstanding books more than上海普陀区会所水磨 kinds 280. As publish ” national group ” Chinese publication group carries press of literature of the people below the banner, business affairs to imprint the renown company such as book house, strong company will exhibit books of more than kinds of 600 more than kinds of nearly 1600 new book, key. Shanghai publishs culture ” main force ” century publication group rolls out concentration more than kinds of 13 thousand books, among them new book is close 4000 kinds. Last year first large-scale form a delegation join the China International that exhibit to publish a group to be aimed at Shanghai books market and ginseng of in former years to exhibit data analysis to grind sentence, choose ginseng exhibit books category, ginseng exhibit books nearly 7000 kinds, include nearly 30 article to plant, content is covered publicize draw of work of traditional culture of Chinese theme, contemporary China, China, literature, children external this, historical an album of paintings, external the category such as Chinese education and original entrance book. Shanghai book is exhibited add up to appears on books to make an appointment with more than kinds 160 thousand this year, with publish many kinds of 50 books every year, only new book has more than kinds of 250 thousand photograph comparing, still be little part. But inside course of study the per普陀山庄酒店价格sonage looks, the just that the book of digital age exhibits need to show is the ability that chooses books for the reader, help strength through new technology, let a book exhibit not space of substance of bureau be confined to. By Xin Huachuan intermediary makes ” house of company division high-quality goods ” break what give priority to body with the press to display kind, adjust be on sale for what give priority to with breed means, be loved by the reader. Duplicate last year this one form and set newly ” house of literary high-quality goods ” , obtain reader affirmation likewise. Sift filtration handpick breed from inside big data, gather together company division kind, literature kind good book, facilitate the reader centers a choose and buy already, also understand reader demand to offer data to support for the press. The book is exhibited this year add mobile phone Duan Wei to believe small order, unified青浦福朋喜来登酒店 release mobile information, convenient reader inquires. The reader exhibits the relevant books that activity of more than 1000 culture involves in the inquiry inside small order, book that browse and book, after can be being passed, stage join reachs the platform on line of Xin Huachuan intermediary, issue sheet to buy directly. “We hope to pass what the line on the line issues shirt-sleeve, big data to help strength, extensive of change book industry management mode, choose somewhat for the reader. ” Xu Jiong of director of publication bureau of news of undersecretary of department of propaganda of municipal Party committee, city says, the market can offer filtration one heavy perspective, often be more popular book gotten promotion is more. The book is exhibi松江大港浴场ted through high grade read activity and high-quality goods books to reveal, those who recommend is the another heavy perspective that comes from expert, publisher, the value that lets good book, little numerous book gradually by acknowledge. Dig current book of   of more space value to exhibit first days, chinese publication group is subordinate ” in edition study ” inn length peace will meet with the citizen, what run a week of by a definite date is medium the n虹口夏威夷桑拿octurnal culture activity of edition, make the collect that is a center with the book read, culture, activity the new-style and hypostatic bookshop at an organic whole. What have mark sex most as Shanghai century publication group is new-style read culture space, be located in Shanghai center store of 52 flagship of cloudlet academy of classical learning will postpone eve start business in the book. Exhibit one of branch field as the book, store of flagship of cloudlet academy of classical learning engineered activities of tens of series of field practice season meticulously, include to run week of l青浦好乐迪ktviterature of 2019 Shanghai international ” home ” the theme is exhibited, undertake lecture of literature of writer of China and foreign countries of week of literature of international of much field Shanghai, new book head hair, read share meeting, and activate ” the peak of Shanghai reads meeting ” wait for culture unit. No matter be medium,edition study still is cloudlet academy of classical learning, it is the epitome that in recent years bookshop of Shanghai new-style substance develops quickly and surveyor’s pole, this port and other cities operator chase the deer-fight for the throne eagerly. Hypostatic bookshop domain expands the consequence all the more that also lets Shanghai book exhibit expands, the book is sweet wave not only medicinal powder in this city each area, also walk out of Shanghai first through bookshop antenna, the influence grows trigonometry and vaster region. Rely on hypostatic bookshop to wait new-style read what the space spreads out to read alternate of mobile new idea to go out, those who form normalization read zoology. If say, before some the book exhibits year of Shanghai remove those who lead to read ” alarm clock ” action, the book is exhibited nowadays already can read an activity to form the impact that interact and makes eac徐汇足浴店h other with normalization. The book extends the innovation form that appears concentration normalization to read an activity, let book of their have the aid of exhibit platform to be popularized further, aid force to make sweet annual of book sweet Shanghai, book. Exhibit as Shanghai book advocate what conference room is in the ground is static bring a district, as will mobile as China, China cooperate to wait, blend in 5G technology ” Yue Doujing is installed ” activity, be in not only advocate of the assembly room ” static Ann Li considers a study ” implementation signal is enclothed, 5G equipment experience, still will wait for a form to present what 10 6 branch field, activities nod to read an activity in real time through 5G network direct seeding. Begin between book exhibition period ” book You Jingan ” the form that the activity uses constituent citizen, student small trip, in actual life searchs the knowledge that goes up with book of seek by inquiry, increase reading experience to spend with interest sex. Think of south the agreement that residence and bright phearl art gallery hold writings brush art of · a person of extraordinary powers exhibits the fruit that reach rain greatly will make上海杨浦区情趣用品店地址 the window that the book exhibits this year. Roam from what book begins, enclothe a book to exhibit advocate each minutes of assembly room, assembly room, outspread start heaven and earth, construction to artistic world, article street. Xu Jiong says: “The book松江区最好浴场 exhibits need transition to also be in transition. Dig the connotation of the book greatly, outspread book sweet end, o松江好的浴场ffer for citizen reader more the heart of rich and colorful and gregarious space. ” (Shi Chen shows emancipatory daily reporter)

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